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Guess the Song – Set 64


The beautiful bullet journal community

As it often happens in cyberspace, I am not sure how I stumbled upon the Bullet Journalling community. Did the videos start turning in my YouTube recommended section because I was looking for tips on Journalling? Or was it because of my endless quest to find unique cute background pictures for my “Guess the Song” game?

I can’t be happier about my discovery. It is a community filled with creativity. Gentle feminine creativity related to Roses and Bunny Rabbits and Feathers and such like and not the ugly type that passes for creativity these days.

Even the comments section is a delight. It is a generally accepted dictum that you don’t read YouTube comments section. Even the most benign videos can harbor insanely ugly fights, insults and bad behavior. And the BUJO community is a welcome exception to the rule. I hope I am not jinxing this heaven on earth but the Bullet Journallers seem to hold each other in high esteem. The commenters are encouraging. And nobody starts “My-idol-is-better-than-yours” fights.

But the Bullet Journals are not actually about increasing creativity. They are about productivity and being organized. They are essentially to-do lists, with extra-attachments like Expense Trackers, and Birthday Trackers. People uninterested in doodling, have more utilitarian Bullet Journals. There are good videos for that too.

But it is this world of Sunflowers and Snowflakes and everything in between that is my go-to to brighten up the days.

So do I personally indulge in bullet journalling? Well yes and no. I have excel sheets that track any habit that I am struggling to keep up. I got the idea to do so from the bullet journallers. I don’t always keep up. But then that is me. I also journal in the more traditional “Dear Diary” way and over time I started to give a little more importance to the legibility of my handwriting and overall neatness of the journal. However, I don’t hope to keep up with these superwomen. I just admire them for their neatness, aesthetics and talent.


I am only highlighting 6 bullet journallers that I absoultely love.

Gold and Black Theme by “My Life in a Bullet” for July

Feather Theme by Christina77Star for August

Roses Theme by Bella Rica for September

Halloween theme by Christine MyLinh for October

Crystals Theme by Dutch dots for November

Christmas Tree Ornaments Theme by Amanda Rach Lee for December



My very own Quote Garden

I started collecting quotes in school. My English teacher wanted a nice quote at the top of every essay we wrote. He would suggest a few but told us that we’d get extra marks if we found something unique and by a literary master. This was around the time the Internet existed but only in the homes of super rich people.

The rest of us had issues of Reader’s Digest and Wisdom and a few other magazines that we could dip into. So I did read them and wrote them down, I was amused at some of the quotes but they were not enough and were not as unique and witty as I wanted.

So I bought Compiled Quote books. I’d insist we visited atleast one book store and bought at least one quote book when we were visiting Madurai or Madras (Yes, when this city was still Madras). At around this time, it stopped being about marks in my English exams. Marks were never my priority.

The Quote collection became an obsession of its own. I marked the favourite ones, I wrote them down. A set of favourite quote masters formed within my mind. So when the oppurtunity to browse the Web finally came to me, I started to type “Oscar Wilde quotes” and “G.K.Chesterton quotes” on the search engine and had a go at it. The World Wide Web is a miracle. It really is.

Then came the problem of sorting them into categories. Not easy. I used MS Access, MS Excel and even XML to sort them into neat categories. And then life took over and the collection of approximately 5000 quotes lay forgotten for years.

As I go through inspiring quotes on Pinterest these days, I find that so much importance is given to the glittery ink and calligraphy flourishes that lines that don’t have any inherent unique character to them find their way to the feed. So I checked out my collection again and found that I still loved it. Every single bit of it

Please find my collection here. I hope you like it.