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Guess the Song – Set 100 (and thoughts)

So the day has come when I finally kiss the “Guess the Song” game good bye.

Needless to say that I shall miss this hobby. This has been an obsession for over 2 years now. I have to admit that as time went on it was not easy remembering which song lines have been already posted and which lines are yet to be done. It is also not easy remembering which background images have been already used and what have not been used.

Eventually I became obsessed with finding the perfect image for the perfect song lyrics. I started searching high and low for an image where a man is having tea with the moon. Nope. People draw pictures of men who are having their tea on the moon, but there was literally no picture of a man having tea with the moon. That is ok, I guess. That isn’t the only good line in Sahana. There were several other instances where I wanted a particular image and could not find images that captured how I felt.

But there were several instances where I felt pretty pleased with the output too. I also became hyper-obsessed with the number 500, wanting to reach that number approximately 2 years after starting the game. It is high time I turned my mind towards some other hobby. The most common request I get is to write about popular new movies (or maybe books). But I find that movies don’t interest me all that much. Not just the masala or action genres but also the feminist genre in which we are shown a woman who faces plenty of odds and comes out victorious in the end. I find that I try to impatiently predict what the filmmaker/writer has in store without truly empathizing with the characters that are being sketched out. Maybe I have become too cynical.

Some 10 years ago when I slowly got acquainted with the blogosphere, I believed that if I ever had the time/opportunity to create my own blog space, it will be a movie/books blog where the readers could not guess my age or gender or my location. I thought I would pick a clever pseudonym. I later realized that my age and gender where not small parts of the person that I am. I am a 39 year old Tamil woman and that is something people can figure out within minutes of visiting the blog.

My next few hobbies will concern Tamil movies of the 80s and 90s too and I will chronicle my thoughts as I go through with them. I should perhaps write a separate post on my obsession with nostalgia for that era. But what I love about the current times is how much it allows me to wallow in that nostalgic euphoria. I can watch whatever old movie I want or listen to whatever old song I like and they just sit there waiting for me in all their streaming glory. Some kind souls have uploaded lyrics too. Technology is so kind to nerds. I love how much of that nostalgic euphoria I can share with people I have not met.

Please hang on as I find a good way to keep myself entertained. Maybe you will be entertained too.