A year of blogging

It is almost a year since I asked you to be prepared for a lot of Feminine Tosh. I went through the posts. Very Feminine and loads of Tosh is my verdict πŸ˜€ I don’t want to write about writing and do such meta stuff too often but I want to just list out a few things especially regarding why I have a blog and bother to write in it.

1) I saw how many people dissed Anushka Sharma for flying to Australia to watch her boyfriend play a cricket match. Apparently she should have had the sense to not distract him. And apparently distracting a person by being there is a crime and letting yourself be distracted by a member of the opposite sex is not a crime. People said such hateful things about her that I tried to find any article that praised Mrs.Dhoni for doing enough fasting and making her husband win a World Cup. Now that does not happen, does it? When a man succeeds, he succeeds because he is awesome. When a man fails, he fails because his wife/gf isn’t awesome enough. I hated this implication and wanted a place to let off steam. And so this blog was born.

2) This blog makes me alive to the my own priorities and quirks. I can now categorize my thoughts and see them on a computer screen. This makes me know me. It has been nice meeting me. πŸ™‚

3) This blog makes me alive to one other thing. I am not a movie person. I write so many thoughts based on movies and when the commenters quote other movies, I find that I have not watched most of the recent releases or even famous old ones. Should I watch more movies while being aware that most of them are going to be about angry young men being very angry and not very young? Should I be fine with underdeveloped female characters and just be happy that I got one more example to showcase in my Loosu Ponnu Article? Should I read more novels to give myself the type entertainment that I crave? I tried that and that was not very entertaining either.

Same with music. What songs I already know make me happy. New introductions just don’t. I don’t just mean that I don’t like the new music composers. They are fine. It seems that my own receptability to new music that is going down. Am I growing old?

I have quit Candy Crush as Post Level 1350 was too much for me. They had introduced a menance called the Evil Spawner in level 1326 and it started spawning evil as you can well imagine and I said “Thanks but No Thanks, I’d do without you”.

Clash of Clans would not release its grip. I continue to train dragons and donate them to deserving young men. And I have to get myself an Archer Queen by the end of this year. But I don’t obssess with CoC any more. It goes on being a certain part of me without eating me up.

But most of all, this blog has become my prime hobby. I choose topics, I read about them, I do weird research with Google as my tool and create each article carefully. I enjoy doing this.

4) I am trying hard to not make this blog about personal anecdotes. I wrote about friend-zoned relationships without quoting any real life anecdotes. I don’t want any person to get hurt. Am I overthinking this? Should I just write about what I see just changing names of the key people? What is the big purpose? The person I am talking about can see through the name change and see that the article is about them. They will get hurt, right? I am very unsure about this. I also actively avoid a complaining tone in my posts.

5) I have also become very alive to how bad my writing skill can be and how little attention I give to the details. Well of course there are people who write worse than I do and those who will always write better than I do. But I when I started to write this blog, I was not aware that this is going to be a problem at all. And this is only because people who edit books and articles professionally bother to read this blog and comment. Two of them have offered to edit my articles in their spare time. Well that makes my articles all grown up. It only means that there is standard, even if it can be improved remarkably. πŸ™‚ I think the attitude I learned in my profession (as a software engineer) is showing in my bloging too. My posts are increasingly like what we call “Impact Analysis Documents”. No stone is allowed to remain unturned. If it is, you better be able to explain why you did not think about it already. A commenter recently said, “You seem to be remarkably analytical even in how I feel. That seems to sum it up. But I do hope that my analytical way of thinking does not rob my articles of human feeling.

Overall I am very happy with how my blog is doing. Many people frequent it now and many bother to comment. Thank you all. ❀


7 thoughts on “A year of blogging

  1. Congrats! Is this the right time to request you for the next installment of your NEPV overanalysis? πŸ˜‰

    BTW, you went up to 1350 in Candy Crush? *faints* I’m almost decided on quitting once I touch 1000. Planning to uninstall. That would be some day! (Still hovering around 750+)


  2. Iswarya, the 900s are particularly and I quit at 1000 too. I was at 940 when a friend sent a meme to one of my whatsapp groups that went “Any one can play cc, but coc needs gethu”

    I swore that I will reach 1000 by end of the month,uninstall cc and take up coc and show him what gethu is. I did and overtook him coc already.

    But coc is not a patch on cc. Cc is positively a cruel game. Aa those chocolates, the marmalade, the jelly. Cruel,cruel game. :p

    I quit cc as I plan on becoming a fitness freak all over again. Let us see.

    Yeah nepv needs to be completed soon.


  3. Congrats, Rahini! I really enjoy your write-ups a lot. Based on your reactions to my story, I think you have a great knack of commenting on the structure of a write-up and I am sure you do the same to movies as well. Maybe consider writing something on a movie or movies where you felt a different structure (say, a different sequence or a flashback at a different point, etc.) would have worked better. That would be very interesting to read.

    See, you’ve been writing only for a year and are already getting “neyar viruppam” kind of comments πŸ™‚
    Keep going!


  4. I missed the debut of the blog so forgive me as I go through the “What?! It’s been a year?!” motions of shock. Congratulations! I find your thoroughness and analytical take on things very calming…almost theraputical. Here’s hoping you’ll keep writing..about whatever you want to, and I’ll keep reading.

    Liked by 1 person

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