Hint hint.. Wink wink.. Nudge nudge

Have you spent time going through the WhatsApp status message of some particularly interesting folk? One day it is “I am a free bird” and the next day it is “To be content with yourself is the ULTIMATE happiness” and a month later it is “PLS cme bk darling…<3

Do these people really get anything by reaching to the entire friend list and not just their significant other? One of my friends started going out of his way updating his status with typical “Girls are inscrutable“, “Girls are heart breakers” messages on a daily basis. He is usually not the type at all. And if you went through his updates you would think he was flinging his heart at the feet of an arrogant girl who was deliberately toying with the answer.

When I confronted him with this, he claimed that it meant nothing at all. They were just statements that he found in Facebook and thought of as witty. I would not have any of it. My argument was this. I was not in close contact with him any longer and I did not know who he was whining about. But there are others who are close to him and even if he was having a mild crush on this girl, the gossip mongers will be thinking of this girl as an inconsiderate heart breaker and they would know who the girl was.

“Stop using your WhatsApp messages for catharsis”, I’d insist whenever he started whining. Soon he admitted it. They were not merely funny lines. He meant it. And he also admitted to a messy friend-zoned relationship and here is the catch, it was HE who had friend-zoned her. WHAT??!!?? Then WHAT did those lines mean? I just don’t get it. But it isn’t my business and I don’t want to digress. This is not a post about messy friend-zoned relationships. It is about how annoying it must have been for that girl that a personal relationship (or friendship) is now a circus for random people to analyze as they thought fit.

Status messages are sometimes extremely misleading. “That is the thing about pain, it demands to be felt” is a good quote. Not a good status message. And it certainly is not a good one for a newly married girl, definitely not if she does not want people to assume that she is stuck in a bad marriage.

Prettiness is not the rent I should pay to exist just because I am a girl” is a terrific quote, but I felt bad that a plain-looking girl had this on her status message. In one way it is a defiant “fuck-you” to those who probably were not treating her well as they treated show-stopping beauties. But surely the very presence of that status message negated the attitude that it stood for. If you truly don’t have to pay rent, you don’t spend time thinking about the rent, no? The line is a terrific comeback but not a good status message, IMO.

An audacious playboy once laughingly admitted that his intriguing messages were actually meant for more than one girl. He will keep the “You wouldn’t believe how much I miss you” message until he deceived a bunch of women into thinking that they were the intended recipient. To tell the truth, I admire his temerity. He knows the power of the written word and is willing to harness it. At least he is self-aware.


‘PLS cme bk darling’ means “Please come back, darling.” (I know my readers are chatspeak-challenged)


Do I dress only for myself?

I have a doubt on the whole “I dress only for myself and not to impress other people and definitely not men” brigade.

What is the point of fashion or makeup if it is not for other people? If I truly dressed for myself, I should be happy dressing up on a Saturday afternoon to watch reruns of Big Bang Theory on TV, no?   At that time nighties seem to suffice.

If I really don’t care what other people’s opinion of me is, I would probably go to the supermarket dressed like Super Girl and the fish market dressed as Cleopatra.

Why is it that I use my faded old Salwar Kameez to Nilgiris on Saturday morning and slip into a newer outfit if I plan to catch the matinee show?

Why do I, who wears jeans on Fridays wear saris to church?

Why do I not mind wearing torn nighties that are sewn crudely when I am sleeping as long as they are soft and comfortable and wear silk saris to weddings and not the other way around?

For other people.

What is so embarrassing about this?  This does not mean I am a slave for other people’s opinion or that I am begging for approval. It just means that humans are social animals and that I am human.
P.S. This is a thought I came to my mind as a response to a blog post. But I am not going to link it here. I don’t know why, but it seems impolite.