Tamil Movies

Examples of Tamil Movies that pass the Bechdel Test

Kaadhalikka Neramillai (1964)

Nirmala: We are almost late for the train.
Kanchana: Sorry!

Kulanthaiyum Theivamum (1965)

Lali: Let us switch!
Pappi: How do you mean!
Lali: We do look alike.
Pappi: True 🙂

Thillu Mullu (1981)

Meenakshi Duraiswamy AKA MD: I went shopping and found a saree that would suit you.
A A K Uma: Oh! You shouldn’t have.

Meedum Kokila (1981)

Kokila: Is it true that you don’t know how to drap a saree?
Kamini: I know how to drap normal sarees but not madisaar.

Manal Kayiru (1982)

Durga: Mmm, Dance.
Uma: It is so difficult.

Poovea Poochoodava(1985)

Sundari: Granny, I am your daughter’s daughter.
Poongavanathamma: I don’t care. I don’t have to take you in.

Punnagai Mannan (1986)

Padmini: Prove that you are really dedicated to dance.
Malini: How?
Padmini: I don’t know or care

Samsaram Athu Minsaram (1986)

Godhavari: Kannamma!
Kannamma: SHUT up.

En Bommukutty Ammavukku (1988)

Lakshmi: Why did you run away from me now?
Tinnu: Why did you run away from me before?

Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (1988)

Mohana: I am bored with my elder sister-in-law’s cooking. I am awaiting the next sister-in-law in hopes of her being a better cook.
Angayarkanni: Then cook your own food. I don’t own the duty.

Mapillai (1989)

Geetha: Mom, you should have gone to the hospital immediately.
Rajarajeswari: It is only a sprain and not worth fussing over.

Anjali (1990)

Anjali: Mother!
Chitra: HOW I wished you’d call me that.

Micheal Madana Kama Rajan (1990)

Ganga Bai: (to Madan) She cooks well. She makes good fish curry.
Chakku Bai: What fish?
Ganga Bai: Vanjaram.

Nadigan (1990)

Geetha: Aunty, do you really think it is fair that you go ahead and doll yourself up at middle age and not permit young college girls like us to dress as we like?
Baby Amma: Not at all. I have bought you plenty of mordern clothes like you wanted

Pondatti Sonna Kettukanum (1991)

Indira: Was the MIL scolding you when I wasn’t home?
Thangam: Yes.

Guna (1991)

Rosie: We can remove this after you are rescued.
Roshini/Abirami: Why? It is my thali.

Singaravelan (1992)

Sumathi: Mom, I will be late tonight
Thaiyamma: I guess I would have been more strict if I had been your real mother.

Thevar Magan (1992)

Panchavarnam: Shall I leave?
Bhanumathi: Why?
Panchavarnam: I will keep talking and I may depress you.

Karuthamma (1994)

Karuthamma: You should not see yourself as a motherless child. Don’t you have me?
Ponnatha: I guess Mom never died. She just lives on in you.

Veera (1994)

Roopa: Please do come for lunch next Sunday
Deivanai: Certainly.

Sathi Leelavathy (1995)

Priya: So seem to like this handbag a lot. You can have it.
Palani: Thank you so much.

Aasai (1995)

Ganga: Yamuna! How are you? Why are you angry?
Yamuna: You are like my mother. How could you consider leaving me?

Jeans (1998)

Krishnaveni: Madhu, come here. I am in pain.
Madhu: Granny!!!

Padaiyappa (1999)

Neelambari: Please accept this saree
Vasundhara: Thank you

Chandramukhi (2005)

Ganga: I am going to the so-called haunted area to put some of my old books there.
Durga: Oh, don’t go alone. I am worried.

Aruvi (2017)

Aruvi: Do I look ugly?
Emily: Of course not. You look gorgeous.