This is a blog I have created to rant about movies, sitcoms and books. I am not a really funny writer or a particularly insightful one.

But I have a feeling this is going to work. For there are those people for who watching and reading stories is hardly enough. We need to pour it all out.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Rahini,

    I write to you uninvited and am sorry about the transgression. But, I want to express my solidarity with your most recent comment on the NABAWI thread on BR’s blog. Apart from other preoccupations, the contretemps (in that comment space) over the past few weeks have roiled the discussions and kept me from posting my opinions. We all let off steam occasionally, but a line was crossed on that thread. I might be preaching to the choir, but let me phrase my thoughts about what you just said in a language you’d most appreciate.

    Sagippu thanmaiyai kolgai endru sollikondaal, edhir karuththai therivipporgalai pagaivargalaaga ennuvadhil aedhu nyaayam? Ariyaamai oru kuttram alla. Adhai neeka thadiyO (bludgeon)
    kadum sorkkalO (caustic language), thevai illai. Verum aadharamum, vilakki vaikkum porumaiyum irundhaal pOdhum. Parihaasamum, gaeliyum seidhu edhir karuththu therivithavargalai
    “oorai vittu virattanum” endra nOkkam muttrilum thavaraanadhey!!

    Vivaadhaththin sigappu kOdu angu thaanda pattadhu. Thaandiyavargalum idhai arivaargal.

    Not to condescend, but your views are honest and you do your homework. That and continuing to keep an open mind should do you a world of good despite what a carnival barker might say or do
    on occasion. Don’t let your spirits sag!

    Nalvazhthukkal !


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  2. Thank you, thou shall not.

    Your words are very much appreciated.
    I started being a commenter in br’s blog two years ago when 95 percent of commenters were male and many had a irreverent disposition.

    So I have always been prepared for this. I have openly critiqued movies of deified stars and know that some hate is inevitable. This came from a surprising source as I had nothing much to do with that thread.

    But I am woman enough to face this. When I have something to say I will surely say it, downvotes and hate notwithstanding.

    I am sure that I am loved and respected by worthy people. Maniacs don’t matter. πŸ˜€

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  3. Rahini, I didn’t want to reveal my email id publicly. I suppose it should be visible to you through this comment? I think you are in the loop about the petition, no? Could you add me as well? Thanks!


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