What rocks my boat


15 thoughts on “What rocks my boat

  1. Rahini, you’ve got quite eclectic taste in men 🙂

    P.S. so its just the misogyny in Rajni movies that you hate and not Rajni , eh


  2. Well MANK, I never liked the movies in general either. The Amma sentiment, the fight, the comedy etc. But it is not Rajini-specific. I reserved that eyeroll to all of them.

    But I was always forced to side with the “Kamal is more handsome” team. Because he is. That doesn’t make Rajini “bad” looking. Certainly the color isn’t a problem at all.


  3. Hmm… 3,4,5,6, & 7 don’t quite float my boat (by just looks, I mean) but that just means more pics to look at…er… research. 🙂

    If I put up my list, you will probably not like many (or any!) of them either. 🙂 Dev will surely be there, and so will Cary Grant. Alongside will be Shammi Kapoor, Harrison Ford, Rupert Everett, Balraj Sahni, Alain Delon, Madhu (from Malayalam films), and Amitabh.

    I wonder if we (collective ‘we’) will ever arrive at a consensus for ‘beauty’. {I, for one, am glad we don’t.)


  4. Anu, I don’t think we’d have much common even in a top 25 though a top 100 would make you circle quite a few. Our TOP faves may not match but the general consensus will be similar. A top 25 of mine would have Will Smith, David Beckam, Brad Pitt, Charlton Heston, George Clooney and that is just the obvious ones. Maybe one of these days.

    And yeah, Shammi Kapoor would not make it even to the Top 100 so differences are inevitable. 🙂


  5. Who is the guy next to Banderas? I wish you would make a detailed post on this Rahini. Just so I can come here and drool whenever I’m stressed at work. 😜


  6. So glad to see Enrique Iglesias here because I was a big fan in the early 2000s. 😀
    I am a bit disappointed that no one’s mentioned Akshay Kumar. 😛
    I find black men very attractive and I’m currently a bit fixated on Mike Colter. Black women too, of course, but I’ll wait till you post a similar collage of women. Hehe.


  7. Of these gents, only Banderas (#5) catches my eye, and I just realized that most of the men that rock my boat are um, dead (Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Shammi Kapoor, Chandramohan, etc.). Gulp.

    Thank God there is still Richard Armitage. 🙂


  8. Another vote for Akshay here – both Kumar and Khanna. 🙂 David Beckham is too pretty boy for my tastes, but Brad Pitt and George Clooney, definitely. Sean Connery. Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Autiel. Hugh Grant. Naseeruddin Shah. Farhan Akhtar, Jackie Shroff. Vinod Khanna. Arjun Rampal. Milind Soman.Then, if sportsmen are included – Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires. Heck, Arsene Wenger! 🙂 Prakash Padukone.

    I wonder how many of these will float your boat. 🙂


  9. Rahini – that’s quite a list! Of course, no prizes for guessing who my favorite in this list is!
    Have these people impressed you?
    Owen Wilson
    These four are some of the guys that my female friends have mentioned…quite a lot…well, I have bored them to death by talking about Aishwarya Rai, et al…so, it’s only fair, I suppose 🙂


  10. Ram,

    Madhavan and Sidharth seem just the right sort of roles. I really liked Siddarth in Kaviyathalaivan. But having a pic of him just for the heck of it is not something I’d do.

    Arya could do with some more talent. I used to think that he is probably going to be something then I revised that thought.

    Owen Wilson, I just googled. No, no and simply no.

    I really like John Lennon and Paul McCartney and wanted even Axl Rose in this list and then realized that their features is not that great. It is the personality they projected in their videos that I like. That is why mere models are not that famous but boy bands are. Many who think cricketers are handsome give generous marks to their skills. I knew Rahul Dravid is handsome but never went ga-ga over him like my friends. Same with Lionel Messi. I’d always go for singing and that is something I found only just now.

    All 4 non-Indian guys listed are singers, even Banderas. But if you notice, not even one listed by Anu is a singer.


    You are right, now that I have all favourite 8 men on the same page, I can just make myself free better in an instant. Just like that.


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