On Back-Stabbers

What is one sort of person you hate most? The one whose behaviour you find most unacceptable. Most people answer this question with the answer Back-stabbers, people who talk about me behind my back rather than to my face. But I have a few doubts here. I admit that I am an idiot in understanding human nature and ask very stupid questions. But still.


1) I do understand that people feel this about people who are very close friends and so are privy to very intimate information about your life. You trust someone with information and you expect them to keep the information to themselves and feel hurt and angry. So far so good. Ok! not so good, but I understand why it would get under your skin.


But why do people not understand that everybody is talking about everybody else and so it logically follows that somebody somewhere is talking about you? Why do people assume that somebody who says an enthusiastic “Hello Dear” should say only the best of best things when you are not around? People are going to say things like “He is too rude” or “She is sloppy” or “She has no sense of dressing” or something. So what?


2) When people say “I don’t care what the world says”, what do they actually mean?


3) Why do people say “Miss.ABC is a backstabber” to someone else when they should actually be telling Miss.ABC, “You are a backstabber”? Do they realise that they are backstabbers too?


4) Have you met non-backstabbers in your life. Do you think you are one?


5) I have sometimes asked people why they are giving me information about their friends and am often told that they trust my discretion. How can you break a friends trust in the name of trusting another friend?


6) Why do people consistently believe that women gossip (or Backstab) more than men do? Men are so forthcoming with juicy gossip about their closest friends.