Un Samayal Araiyil

This movie is a love story between Prakash Raj who is in his mid 40s and Sneha who is in her mid 30s. What should have been a simple heartfelt romance was destroyed in the second half by a comedy of errors involving a younger boy and girl who are in their early 20s.


Prakash Raj is constantly cajoled to get married by his colleague(Aishwarya), his friend (Elango Kumaravel) and his cook (Thambi Ramaiah). All three of them appear to be unattached past their prime too. On Sneha’s side we see Urvashi who runs a Beauty Parlour and an effeminate boy who works at the Beauty Parlour. Urvashi’s husband lives in Dubai. A wrongly number situation introduces Sneha and Prakash Raj to each other and they start with a fight but eventually find loads of common ground to share.

But when it is time for each other to meet, they send a younger person each.  Sneha sends a 21 year old roommate and Prakash Raj sends his nephew who is also about that age. The two introduce themselves with Sneha’s and Prakash Raj’s name and so a huge confusion ensues.

My Own Thoughts

1) On both sides, people keep asking them to settle down. But as I mentioned, Elango Kumaravel, Thambi Ramaiah, Aiswarya and the boy who works in the Beauty Parlour are all unattached people too. It appears that we need to bother only about Prakash Raj being unmarried and not about Thambi Ramaiah who seems unmarried. This is apparently because Prakash Raj is the hero of the story. This happens in all movies, of course. We are told that we are to be concerned about Rajinikanth’s love life and not about Janakaraj’s love life and we obediantly do just that. This is an age old tradition. But in this movie it seems very out of place. It is because the movie’s theme itself the love life of the very ordinary uncle next door. So we look at all the ordinary uncles the story introduces to us.

2) Sneha’s life is even more pathetic. Not a single sentence is ever uttered by her friends without bringing her age or marital status into the topic. But why do they keep talking about the importance of a woman being married in front of an effeminate boy? Does any one consider him a man with feelings at all? Does his marital status and the fact that effeminate boys in India have it real rough matter to these people at all? And it is movies like this that are applauded for bringing in LGBT people into the story as real people with feeings. It is one thing that nobody teases or abuses him. But everyone implies that marriage is the highest form of existence. He himself admits that being alone forever is very difficult. The whole thing has not been thought through. It was insensitive.

3) Apart from this, Urvashi does not talk a single sentence about her husband who lives in Dubai. How long has he been there? When are they going to be together again? What are their plans? What is the level of intimacy is this long distance relationship? Does Urvashi love her husband? Nothing matters. She is a married woman as she once had a wedding day. That is all that matters. She is not even shown making a single phone call to her husband (in this world of Skype). Contrast this with Malgova Maami in Kalki and her husband who was in Jail. I guess we need a separate post to discuss that very interesting man who was so present in the movie inspite of being so absent. But then again we are not supposed to be worried unduly about Urvashi or Aishwarya whose marital status is not discussed at all. The story commands us to be bothered only about Sneha. She is the only one who matters here.

4) Sneha’s sensitivity to sentences like “You are still beautiful” is quite understandable. Many women have such problems of doubts regarding their looks but if the movie really wants sympathy then we need a woman with understandably real issues in looks. How about choosing a dark or fat actress to play the part? The movie starts with Sneha’s interest in Dosais so the movie would have worked wonderfully well with a plumb cute 30s-40s actress. Perhaps Kushboo. Even Aishwarya who is very much a part of the cast would have worked well. Urvashi would have too. But they need to cast ultra glamourous Sneha to play the part. Sneha will gets 100s of proposals if she updated TamilMatrimony.com. I could not sympathise with the movie at all.

5) The younger couple were a damn waste of time. They could have spent more time in points 1 to 4 and also more on cooking, eating in restaurants, cookery shows etc. Moreover such confusions need masters like Crazy Mohan to do it credit. Again the movie aparently had cold feet about showing non-glamourous people all the time and shows two pretty faces as if giving icecream. If I wanted to watch a pretty face movie, I would have chosen a Tammanah movie in the first place. Right?


2 thoughts on “Un Samayal Araiyil

  1. I get extremely irritated when rom-coms go on a propoganda for the institution of marriage. You kept thinking of Kushboo and Aishwarya, I kept thinking Urvashi should have been the lead for this movie. I mean, when you are going ahead and showing a middle-aged romance, isn’t it better to have leads who are used-to-be-gorgeous-in-twenties? The leads in Malayalam worked much better. I haven’t watched the full Malayalam version, but the heroine was very believable as “mudhirkanni”. My other issue was that Prakashraj was bachelor by choice, but Sneha was a spinster because of horroscope issues. Seriously?! Why couldn’t they have two people who never thought of getting married till then and now that they have met each other, think that marriage would be loevely – just like other “young” romances? It is only when I see such stuff, I am always grateful for Priya.V’s Kannamoochi yenada. That movie had other issues, but the way the older romance (Radhika and Sathyaraj) was handled was just awesome.

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  2. Well I have already mentioned that Urvashi would have been a great choice too. 😀 However, I am still partial to Kushboo being the best choice for the character. As mentioned the movie could have touched upon the heroine’s
    Dilemma between being a gourmet who loves to try out new food and a woman stuggling to keep her figure as she is still in the marriage market.

    The movie feel short of my expectation but I am able to think of so many variations to the basic theme of “The love for good food bring two middled aged single people together”. Just imagine the variations.

    1. Maybe the younger couple are already a couple when the movie begins and turn out to be matchmakers for the older couple.

    2. Paakatha Kaadhal bores me stiff. Maybe the older couple meet in a super market and are trying to get their hands on a rare ingredient. Or maybe they bump into each other very regularly in restaurants, in beach bajji stalls, fruit juice shops and first she accuses him of being a stalker. Then she realises that he really was trying to find unique eateries just like she does. She apologises. They met each other often but are always embarrased about inviting the other person to their own kitchen and also embarrased about sitting around in a park and chatting as both never typically do such things. They are unsure if the other person likes them. Then a tricky recipe brings them together.

    3. Maybe he rejected her matrimony/ dating profile as she does not know cooking. She is offended. She is an out and out career woman and does not know the ABCs of cooking. She joins a weekend cookery class. He turns out to be the teacher. Neither recognise the other as the pictures and real name were not uploaded in the matrimonial site anyway. He teaches not only about cooking well but also about eating well. He introduces cusines that she never knew existed and only at the end recognises that it is the same person they rejected in the matrimonials.

    In a way, this movie is much better than the type of movie that does not offer much to think about. 🙂

    To be very frank I was not offended by her being the person who wasn’t able to land a spouse because of horoscope issues and his being a bachelor by choice. Sure it is nice to be shown women who genuinely like a career over
    marriage and all that. And sure, men have horoscope problems too. But the problem with making a marriage-averse person the heroine is that it can imply that her original decision was wrong and that she is shown the correct way (being married) by circumstances. This will have it’s own unfortunate implications if it is not dealt with sensitivity.

    My own thought is that the horoscope angle is not dealt with properly. Does Sneha herself believe that horoscope matters or not? What does Prakash Raj feel about horoscope-based matchmaking in general? The movie does not deal with all that. It just forgets all about the horoscope angle after exposition. Story writers should not parts of their own story and that is exactly what happens here.


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