TOTALLY Annoying Pests

Here is my list of the most annoying people. So who annoys you the most?

  • People who ask for “advice” when they only want to vent. Again and again and again. And again.
  • People who ask for “advice” when they want justification for their $^%^ behavior. They want you to say that their behavior is understandable. The only thing understandable about their behavior is that you have a $^%^ on your hands.
  • The very annoying persistence of patient men. The type who looks bewildered and taken aback that you still don’t understand how platonic their friendship is and want to approach you again and again to offer the purest platonic friendship since the beginning of time.
  • Girls at some chain beauty parlors and chain beauty product outlets who get hyper-friendly and affectionate and insistent. Did you like the shampoo that she sold you last week? You did? How nice. Perhaps you should buy 3 liters of the shampoo and a perhaps some 5 liters of conditioner to celebrate this auspicious occasion. One of the girls had the audacity to be sweetly angry with me for forgetting her name.
  • Those who send promotional emails that go “Confirmation Mail: We confirm that you can win the lottery if only you checked it out”. Yeah! And I solemnly swear it appears that you are up to no good.



12 thoughts on “TOTALLY Annoying Pests”

  1. People who want to have a healthy debate about something, but have already made up their mind and anything you say, ANY THING AT ALL, is you being silly, uninformed, unaware, down right rude. Deivamey, it drains me out!

    Thanks for the rant space, Rahini 😀

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  2. I was writing separate for some of these. Especially the ones who want to make me a makeshift agony aunt.

    I inevitably ended up hating the extent of hate in my own post. I guess it is abnormally short because there is too much to say.

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  3. 1.Mmmm….for me it would be finicky moms who keep kids hungry and give it a.tag “no junk food….” no junk food is fine but why no food for the kid or no chocs or no ice cream…screw the assholes who said choclates and ice cream are.junk…
    2.people who.honk on the road.
    3.people who talk on the mobile while crossing the road
    4.selfie obsessed maniacs.
    5.people who keep sending stupid forwards in school groups….i always miss out on the important circulars….ban those useless moms and dads who do that to me…
    6.And the list goes on and on and on….


  4. * parents who take up 30 minutes of a teacher’s time in PTA meeting when they know perfectly well that 15+ parents are waiting in line.
    * people who leave the lift doors open after getting out or don’t close gates after taking out car
    *people who hold up grocery queues at payment counter waiting for their partner who is still picking out items..


  5. Nithya, This is a quote I gathered from another blogpost. Unfortunately the author has deleted the blog. I laughed so much when I first read it.

    It must have happened to you too. Standing in a long checkout line in an Indian “supermarket”. Rajalakshmi, in front of you, has 742 items to bill. You wait patiently (as if you can do anything else). The bloke behind you is poking at your spine as he wills you to advance. Rajalakshmi is intently watching the amount totalling up on the display. It now stands at Rs 3742.50. After 18.5 minutes when all the 742 items have been billed (and not one second before), she digs into her purse and comes out with three fat wads of Sodexho coupons. All in denominations of Rs 5. And then proceeds to count them out laboriously. Being mathematically challenged, each time, she comes up with a different answer. 14 minutes later she discovers that she is Rs 5 short in coupons. She then proceeds to dig in to packed bags, go to the bottom, remove an item and ask the checkout guy to deduct that from the bill. She is now Rs 7 excess. She wants change back. He refuses ……..You can do precious little but curse at the injustice in the world.

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