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Guess the Song – Set 59



10 thoughts on “Guess the Song – Set 59”

  1. Oh wow, a nice coincidence that I stopped by this page today! I was asking on Twitter for Tamil cinema lyrics which have positive references to homosexuality. A friend mentioned your first song! (“Panjum neruppum paartha thappu//Panjum panjum serndha thappu)


  2. Other songs:
    1. En Jannal Vantha…from Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai
    [Hey aanukkum aanukkum (so what!)
    Hey ponnukkum ponnukkum (so what!)]

    2. Telephone Manipol
    [Nee pogum theruvil aangalai vida maaten//sila pengalai vida maaten]

    3. Sariya Thavara from 12B
    [Pennum pennum natpa irundhaal sariya thavara]

    Of course, Valiba Va Va from Goa.

    I’m sure you’ll have more such references!!!

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