Those who know how it is done

I have a met a few people who seem to have done things just right.

You got married at 24 and they at 27? They ask you “why so soon?” and immediately turn to ask someone a “why so late” if they weren’t tied up by the golden age of 27.

They know that couples should ideally have an age difference of two or three. It goes without saying that men should be older and thereby earn more. It is REALLY recommended that men are taller so that the photos look good and the men are darker so that the women look fairer. Did I mention that men should pass an extra post-graduation course as men should always have that extra degree? Never mind if that MBA course is not going to be useful at all.

They know the exact number of children a happy person should have. Two. And though they know that you can’t choose it, they believe that a boy should come out first and the girl should follow three years later. That, apparently, is the natural order of things.

“Remain in the first company for 2 years and the second one for 3 years and stick to the third company forever”, they tell you. Yes, that is exactly what they did. Didn’t I tell you that they always get their stuff right?

Such planned lives. I am glad this works for them. But I also wonder. Do they know that there are other ways of going through life?


9 thoughts on “Those who know how it is done

  1. As witty as your post was, every word of it rang true too. We have all been on the receiving end of such ‘wonderful’ advice! One of my favorite moments in my call with Anu Hasan was when she started asking questions about what worked and what didn’t for me (when we were discussing temper control, for instance). Here she was, the author of a self-help book being open and listening intently. Something to said about people that learn by being good listeners…such a rarity 🙂


  2. Rahini, you’ve it all wrong. 🙂 It’s 2.5 children, and a dog. My standard response (not often spoken aloud) is ‘My reality is not limited by your imagination. 🙂


  3. How true. We all want to be around others who have similar thought process. It is ok to have 2 kids but if someone has a third kid in India, I am sure there will be tons of questions/ comments.

    When I told my sister who is the most outspoken, liberal thinking person that I knew of someone I knew had 3 daughters, her instant response was, ” They must have been trying for a boy.” No matter how we would like to think of ourselves as liberal, non judgement all, the truth is we judge all the time.


  4. Thanks Anu. I have corrected it.

    Very true, Uma. Judgments are inevitable. We do judge. It is just that our judgments are different from theirs. I have been intending to write about that for long. I should get around to it already.


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