Favourite Things – 51 to 75

Here is the third list of favourite things. Having a basic theme (relationships) in mind is fun even if I don’t stick to it 100%.


2 thoughts on “Favourite Things – 51 to 75”

  1. Very interesting, eclectic mix like the 1-25 & 26-50 lists…
    If I were to create such a list, Valaiyosai would for sure be on it! Not sure of Kadhalan though 🙂 Are you a fan of the movie or just this cute SPB dance sequence?


  2. Ram, I am basically a fan of SPB. I have always liked the characters that he has played. Whether as the doctor in Manathil Uruthi Vendum or more significant roles like Keladi Kanmani. But I am particular that the pictures I choose should itself have a significant character to them and this picture does.

    The scene I like in Kadhalan is SPB singing “Gnayiru Enbathu Kannaga, Thingal Enbathu Pennaga” to a sauced Prabu Deva to make him open up about the love of his life.


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