Favourite Things – 26 to 50

Here is the second list of favourite things. This is fun. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Favourite Things – 26 to 50

  1. Such a nice, eclectic bunch of favorites! My favs in your list were Sundari KaNaal, Saroja Devi / Devika and Gandhi / Nehru…
    I think Anusha may have suggested this in your previous post – but i think a nice add would be a 1-line description of each.
    For instance, “Saroja Devi / Devika” – “Unnai Ondru Kaetpen…Sonnadhu Needhana Sol Sol!”


  2. Thank you Ram. I noticed that in spite of being a eclectic list, I have preferred to collect and display pictures of relationships. Siblings, Friendships, Partnerships etc. I did not plan it that way. My daily choices of DP just reveal the importance of relationships in my life.

    The lack of a sharp title for each picture is because I may start choosing pictures based on whether I can think of a nice quote to go with it or not. I was torn between choosing a quote per day or a favorite picture. I thought of doing a 100 and then switching. But this list is just growing. So many are sitting in the “yet to be used” folder. 🙂


  3. I noticed that the pictures all showed a relationship between people or animals. 🙂 I didn’t notice such a theme the last time.
    Sending you a hi5 for Beyonce and Rihanna. Hehe.


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