Favourite Things – 1 to 25

I have been changing my Whatsapp Images on a daily basis for the past 25 days and plan to continue as long as I can.

The reason I started this is simple. My blog posts are basically rants and rants by their very nature are negative. All the popular posts, whether the mensturation rant or the loosu ponnu rant, are just a bunch of complaints. So what are the things I like? I may not be effusive, but I like a lot of things and people.

Here is a list. You can hover over the images for a short description.


6 thoughts on “Favourite Things – 1 to 25

  1. This was interesting! You are right, it does have a positive vibe. I was hoping for a slightly longer description though. 🙂
    The descriptions don’t appear when viewed on the mobile phone..or is that just me?


  2. Thank you, Anu.

    If you click and hold any image, you will be able to see options like “Save” and “Open in another window”. On top of those options you can see the short description.

    Some of my friends who bother to look at my whatsapp pics everyday aren’t familiar with bands like ABBA so I just included a description next to it. But for that small problem, I would have preferred to keep the pictures with no descriptions at all.


  3. Not just your WhatsApp friends, I don’t know ABBA either. Googled it now. 🙂 The rest, thankfully, I knew. Oh, you like Tangled movie too? I loved it too. I usually like the subtle subversion from the usual fairy tale that Disney has brings in. And Tangled, Brave, and Frozen are lovely movies. I have no clue why the world thinks it is a crime if a young girl wants to be Ella / Rapunzel / Anna / Merida. You learnt Ballet? Somehow, embroidery in this list surprised me.

    P.S: Hi, been a long time. How are you? I am good, thanks. 😀


  4. Aww.. It has been toooo long. Nice to hear from you again.

    I love the new princess stories. I never liked the Little Mermaid, but I loved the classics like Snow White and Cinderella.

    And I did not learn Ballet and certainly not good at embroidery. But surely two things that deserve to be in the favourites list.

    It is not a top 25, BTW. The best is yet to come. 25 at a time.



  5. Rahini – that’s a very nice list.
    My yahoo id is ram_aishoo!! So, you know which of your 25 is my favorite-o-favorite!
    PS: I had created the id when I was single. My wife hates the id (naturally!) but appreciates the fact that I don’t use the id much these days!


  6. Madhu: Oh, I do understand. Many including BR himself admitted that they were skipping Apex’s comments as they did not understand text speak. I am personally very comfortable with text speak. In fact, I consider it an art form that many people are just not wired to understand. To me “gr8” is a nice creative way to say “great”.

    That that dude Apex is a clever guy and that is the problem with clever people, no? They are just too clever to just BE.

    Ram Murali: There will be more. 🙂

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