Harry Potter Analysis II – Do you like Hagrid?

One thing that fascinates me about HP series that I can like the whole series a lot inspite of not liking a lot of individual elements. I can see that I disagree with Rowling in so many aspects, but I can not help be drawn to the series time and again.

One thing I realised is that I rate Hagrid as a unreliable person and would agree with the Villians rather than the Heroes with their estimation of him.  Some of the following I picked from this thread. But these points always crossed my mind. (https://www.reddit.com/r/harrypotter/comments/14i4b2/did_anyone_else_feel_like_hagrid_was_greatly/)

When McGonaggal questions the wisdom of allowing Hagrid pick up Harry from his house, Dumbledore claims that he would trust Hagrid with his life. It is a place Voldemort has just visited and played havoc and most people would not have wanted to go there and Hagrid who, whatever his other faults may be, is a risk-taker and genuinely liked the couple. But to claim that he would trust Hagrid with his life? 

He jinxes Dudley and he grows a tail. Yeah, he is horrible to Harry. And yes, it is funny to think of a fat boy with a pig’s tail. Still. He is a muggle. He can’t defend himself. Not fair.

He seems to be the sort of person who would sit on birthday cakes. Not a big deal, I agree. But what if he had misplaced or lost the Philosopher’s Stone? I don’t think he is beyond all that. Hagrid incubates a dragon in a Wooden Hut and though this is something Hermione points out to him, he does not understand why dragons should not be grown in Wooden Huts. He just does not understand the danger of animals. Three 11 year old children come out of their dorms to take a fire breathing dragon to the tallest tower? What if the dragon sneezes and the children’s robes catch fire? He is too busy singing lullabies to the dragon to think of his friends’ safety.

They are made to do detention and guess what they are assigned? To accompany Hagrid to the forbidden forest  where a unicorn murderer is lurking. Does Prof.McGonaggal know they are assigned such a dangerous detention?

He know that the Philosopher’s Stone is precious and Fuffy’s role is crucial there. He still blabbers to some stranger. Wow.

But the thing that put the lid on it was in Chamber of Secrets, where Hagrid asks the boys to follow the Spiders and there his precious Aragog would not mind it if its children ate the boys for dinner. Hagrid would not have guessed that it would happen? Precisely. If the car did not show up on time, Harry and Ron would be dead-meat. Literally.

I understand that his gifting Harry an owl on his birthday and his getting that photo album etc meant something to Harry. But Hagrid expecting the children to take care of his brother is just too much. By then, my sympathy for Hagrid was at an all time low. 

I am not saying that Harry should not be kind to him. He should. But if Hagrid really understood the danger of animals and able to bring our the best in them? If he had been a really good “Care of Magical Animals” teacher, then it would have been more relatable. But Dumbledore’s role as the principal of Hogwarts is to provide the best teacher for the children. Making Hagrid or Trelawney as teacher as he is feeling sorry for them is not acceptable to me.

Does anyone feel so too?


11 thoughts on “Harry Potter Analysis II – Do you like Hagrid?

  1. In fact, you can find many such inconsistencies in Harry Potter. But you are right. It is the color and magic of the whole series that make things work.

    Nice points you have come up with. Even I was startled at the detention in the forest thing. Seriously. JK Rowling needed to plot her books a lot better.


  2. thandapani, thanks for your comment.

    Many threads point out inconsistenies like “How does Hagrid reach the hilltop hut in the first book to give Harry the cake if he can neither fly without help, nor can he ride a broomstick?” Apparently, in the last book Hagrid mentions that he is too heavy for broomsticks and thestrals.

    But that type of inconsistencies hardly ever bother me. But when a person who has dangerous hobbies like growing werewolf pups under the bed is treated as a harmless cuddly teddy bear, I wonder what I am missing.


  3. KP: Apparently that belonged to Sirius Black and Hagrid did not have it for keeps.

    Even so, he is shown taking Harry in a boat. So I am afraid that JKR did not think it through. I mean it is later mentioned that only very skilled wizards can fly without these stuff.


  4. Wow!!! Youre even more of a fan of the series than me, Rahini! 😍
    Many of the points you make are very relevant but I’m afraid I kinda loved Hagrid and so am rather blind to his faults 🙂
    Like Dumbledore 😉


  5. Would you believe that despite being such a Potterhead Ive only read the series ONCE? I was reading about your lunch group discussions and was thinking to myself that its time I re visited. It would be interesting to read the earlier books, knowing what happens later.


  6. Tonks: I should say that much of my analysis happened only on second and third reading. This is the first time I decided to read the whole series again, but I do very often read parts that I like. As I often find fault with this series, it is only fair that I write a love note to it mentioning how much it actually impressed me.

    I should do it soon. 😀


  7. I agree with all that you have to say, but still I love Hagrid. Like someone said here, I am just like Dumbledore probably. Whatever he did, it didn’t seem that wrong to me, it seemed a part of his Madness and I’ve seen quite a few people who have the same Madness. They don’t care about the dangers or hardships in things they are entirely crazy about. It can prove to be very dangerous yes, but they are blind to it.


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