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Thanga Magan – Review

Dear Hema DeSouza,

I did not quite get what sort of person you are in this movie Thanga Magan. A guy seems to stalk you in the local temple and when he asks your name in the marketplace, you seemed to be pissed. I feel the same about stalking.

Many men think that saying, “I have often seen you in the local bus stop” suddenly entitles them to ask your personal details and suddenly “be your friend”. I did not like the way you said “En pinala every week ethana per suthuraanga theriyuma?” But overall, the point is right. You can’t go around being the girl friend of every guy who wants to be your boyfriend. Sometimes the answer is a “No”.

Sometimes the answer can be a “Yes”, I know that. Sometimes the answer can be a “Maybe”, after all we can’t decide this in a day. But did that guy saying“Ivalo azhagana ponnukku thimiru iruntha thappu illa”impress you so much? As far as pick-up lines go, it is a definite dud. But to each her own as they say.

But here is the thing. You go to a discotheque with your best friend and a couple of guys. I assume you know the guys well? Ok. Your stalker has stalked you till this night club. He is staring at you. You yourself phrase it as “Kannu Edukaama Paakura“. So it is only nautral that your male friend confronts the stalker, right? You suddenly claim the stalker is your friend? If he had been a friend, he would have come and greeted you and introduced himself to your male friends too. That is what guys who are worth their salt do.

And then, you see what happens with your own eyes. The policeman stops your male companion for driving under the influence. Your stalker walks up to the policeman who seems to be in first name basis with the stalker.  The stalker is also under the influence. He says something to the policeman. The policeman seems to retain your male companions. Your stalker gives you a lift. You abandon your male companions and your best friend and straddle the bike without a second thought. If your male companions are taken to the lock up or something, your best friend is at the mercy of another confirmed stalker. W.T.F.

You drink orance juice in the club but ask your friend (No point in calling him a stalker any longer) to buy you drinks? Maybe you think drinking in nightclubs is riskier? You would have had a better choice of drinks in the nightclub. Whatever. Your Choice. Your way of proposing to the guy was a bit of an eye-roll for me. But let is agree to disagree. The places you two made out seemed to make suspension of disbelief almost impossible. People do make out in cinema theatres or so I have heard. But it would have been more sensible if you got a room. I know you are young and wanted to scratch the itch. But did you and your BF ever talk?

But the first time you tried to talk did not sit well with the dude, did it? I felt so sorry for you. I felt sorry for him too. He really was bewildered when you after disagreeing to live with his parents, agreed to live with Aravind’s mom. You really should have explained your stance better. I have attached a letter of what you should/could have told him. I also believe that you should have told Aravind yourself that you used to be Thamizh’s girl.  Anyway, your ship seems to have sailed even before you ever had a chance. But that is life. Life is more than just marriage. I wish you the very best in life. I also wish that you start getting along with your husband.

With Love,

Rahini D




Dear Thamizh,

We had a bad break up and we never talked much after that. Now I find that I am marrying your first cousin. Not only am I am going to marry him, I am going to live with him in the house he currently lives. If you remember, we had a huge row after I said my dream was to have a nuclear family. In fact, I remember that you could never warm up to me after that incident. I was always eyed with suspicion after that and the negative vibes soon broke our relationship to pieces.

I just thought I would explain my stance. My mother and my paternal grandmother are very different people. You know my parents live in Chennai. My paternal grandparents live in London. My father and I have learnt to be different people in Chennai and different people in London. The rules of housekeeping followed by my Amma and Granny are so different and I am proud of both their housekeeping skills. It is the distance and space that gave both the women

their happiness and their freedom. Each is the queen of her space. Surely, you realised that I was Anglo-Indian before we ever talked right? You also know that my Amma is a brahmin. Surely you understand that living day in an day out with your parents in such a small house would have had its disadvantages? If I lived with you in your house, your parents would have had to have cotton wool in their ears to avoid hearing us making out. It is THAT small a house.

I will be living with Aravind’s Mom. I talked about my desire for nuclear family to my mother. She understands. But she said that as Seetha-Amma is a widow and living alone would be too difficult for her and that it was a spacious house and I would not feel too difficult to have my own personal space. I was willing to relent.

Please don’t think that I am dissing you for having a small house. I am not. I really thought that renting another small house in the neighbourhood would not have been difficult and well within our budget. I had it all chalked out. It would not have inconvenienced your parents much either. They would had each others company and would have enjoyed their old age together. My grandparents did. I am an only child and that is how my parents will live after I get married. That is what all birds do after their chicks fledge. I did not expect an out of the ordinary, cruel thing. I did think it through. If only you had been willing to listen. If only we had a relationship that went beyond making out. If only things had worked out. But they didn’t.

Oh well. I saw the girl you are going to marry. Nice girl. Just your type. All the best.


Hema DeSouz


Dear Yamuna Thamizh,

Well, there is no point talking to someone else’s wet dream. But still there is one thing I just had to tell.  Your Anni probably ear marked that cup of coffee for her husband as he wanted extra sugar or something. Do not judge your family members so soon.

In the unlikely event that you do exist. I wish you the very best in life.

With Love,

Rahini D


Dear Radhika Sarathkumar,

You are one terrific actress. They don’t make them like that anymore.

Love and Kisses,

Rahini D


12 thoughts on “Thanga Magan – Review”

  1. Heh. 🙂 There are lots of characters in lots of movies whom I want to write letters to. Perhaps they will listen? (I don’t hold out much hope – my son doesn’t. *grin*)

    May I second your letter to Radhika? She is one heck of an actress. So is Ramya Krishnan.

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  2. Loved your review!!!!
    Haven’t watched the movie, but couldn’t resist reading this one. Hehe.
    [Did manage to watch a song – “Enna solla”, and was wondering if he is actually teaching her what a slide in a park is….sure seemed that way.]
    Interesting phenomenon: Several boys on my Facebook friend list are now sharing memes along the lines of what a perfect wife Samantha’s role in the movie is (and not in a sarcastic manner). My cousin brother managed to sum it up quite nicely though: “But she doesn’t do anything in the movie apart from giving her husband his lunch box!” Haha.

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  3. Anu W: The letter writing was a weird experience. I started out writing, thinking of Hema as a pretty silly girl. But writing a letter to her made me unconciously warm up to her. By the time I had completed writing the letter, I actually liked her character. I am not a letter writing person as a rule, so it was really weird. 😀

    Madhu: I am guessing life is keeping you pretty busy, eh? For you would have watched the movie and had your say by now.

    Ravishanker: Oh. Thank you so much.

    Anu S: “Several boys on my Facebook friend list are now sharing memes along the lines of what a perfect wife Samantha’s role in the movie is”? Well she is. She is a caricature.

    1) They introduce themselves on the wedding night and ask each other questions like “Do you like me?” and “Why did you want a Spouse?” and give answers like”Mmm” and “Companionship, love, Security” etc.

    2) She is totally uncomplaining. Not a whimper. If she is sad, she is sad because he is sad. Not because they are homeless or because they don’t have much food. He is sad and she is sad to see him sad. Perfect.

    3) A pretty girl who must be around 22 or 23 years old. She wears only completely unflattering boring sarees that spell out “I am too pure to be fashionable”. It is not like the perfectly ordinary sarees that women in movies like “Vaagai Sooda Va” or “Kumki” wear. We come out and then realise we had not even noticed their sarees because we wear too busy with the story of the movie. This is not like that. This looks like they went out of the way to paint that perfect samantha is too good to actually visit pothys and look around the Aadi Thallubadi Sale there.

    4) What is Samantha’s educational qualification? We don’t know. We know nothing other than that she is the wonderful wife that Dhanush’s parent’s found for him. If Dhanush loses his job, and has to solve the mystery of his Dad’s death, should Samantha just sit around waiting for him and be “understanding” or go find a job as a sales girl or something and reduce his burden? Samantha takes the womanly path of “doing nothing”. Maybe we should take it that she trusts him too much to actually think of doing something.

    Some people say that she is akin to a Visu heroine But IIRC, those women did have more life like personalities. Yes, they were often homemakers and often played by the society’s roles. But this pristine perfectness is something else. This type of heroine existed only in the 60’s.

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  4. Revisited your blog after long and have to say loved your kick-ass, terrific “review”
    Seriously, I knew something was amiss when I’d read in a review somewhere that Amy is turned down for refusing to live with Dhanush’s parents while Samantha eventually goes on to become his dutiful, beautiful life-partner (aka doormat). Wanted to facepalm right there but looks like there are more such facepalm moments in the movie.

    Seriously, Tamil cinema (and pretty much most of the Indian society) when are you going to grow out of these outdated norms?

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  5. Loved it!
    Of course, we don’t understand – docile, nod – your – head – for – everything – he- says kind of women make for the best partners. Why does a woman need intelligence?


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